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Micro Living
A new concept for this blog has been brewing in my head in the hours that I can’t sleep lately.  I’ve stumbled upon a concept in my life, have been implementing it, and I thought it would be fun to share it with the viewers.  It goes by many names these days and lives in the world known as “org porn.”  That is, pornography for the home organizers of the world.  
I like to call this concept “Micro Living.”
It all started when I was in third grade and my parents decided to build a house.  Between the old house being sold and moving into the new one, 90% of our possessions ended up in storage in the basement of the new house and my entire family moved into my grandmother’s tiny ranch-style home.  I shared her full bed and small bedroom and learned quite quickly what exactly you can live without.  After a few other shuffles and moves, college semesters in and out of the house, a freakish move to Japan and a cross-country move in the US, these ideas started to cement themselves in my mind.  
When all of your possessions have to fit into one car or a few suitcases, you see just how little importance this “stuff” has.  I started to feel a bit like Jennifer Connelly in “Labyrinth” with all of her things crowding around her and drowning her.  I HATED carrying all of this crap around everywhere I moved.  
Once I was married and safely ensconced in a place I now call home, a sort of organizational madness came over Steve and I, and Micro Living was born.
Here are the main tenets of Micro Living:
1.  Ignore the old rules of purging.  One in, five out.
2.  There’s no such thing as a “perfectly good ____” if you don’t need it.
3.  No single-purpose items in the kitchen.  For example, there is no need for a quesadilla maker.  
4.  Money makes the best present of all and it doesn’t take up any room.  
5.  Follow Hellen Butigieg’s advice for keeping a “Neat” home (on Fit TV).  Ask yourself these questions:
   Have I used it recently?
   Is there a specific use for it?
   Would my life suffer if I didn’t have it?
“If the answer is no, let it go!”
6.  800 sq. feet is a perfectly good sized home.  No McMansions here.
7.  Think in terms of living out of a dorm or your grandmother’s house.  Small bed, mini fridge, tiny but tidy kitchen and bathroom. 
8.  Someone always has something bigger and better.  Get used to it…  and go visit it! 
9.  Book-free living.  You can find recipes online, donate old books as soon as you are finished reading and consider getting an electronic book with downloadable literature.  Technology makes it possible.
10.  Most importantly, REMEMBER THE THREE Rs:
I’ll explain more about these principles and maybe rework them in the future.  Number 10 stays though!  ; )
More soon…

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