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repurpose, restyle

repurpose, restyle

Repurpose, Restyle

To demonstrate two of the three Rs of Micro Living, I worked on a project this weekend.  Well, it wasn’t to specifically demonstrate anything, just to make my kitchen look better!  We’ve had a framed poster in our kitchen for awhile now that conveniently covered up our fuse box.  It was a great picture and a nice gift from a family member, but it just didn’t fit in with the kitchen theme.  I didn’t want to just get rid of it, so we initially thought about just replacing it with a new piece of framed artwork.  We’re thinking about buying a condo this summer, though, so I didn’t want to buy anything new just yet in case it didn’t fit in the new place (keeping my fingers crossed here).
I started paging through a cooking magazine and I thought about how much I love all of the food styling pictures in it.  Why not make a collage?  I cut out pictures of foods we commonly eat:  Mexican, Italian, a poached egg, etc. and started arranging them.  Then I taped them to the poster paper and reframed it with the original frame. 
This project cost me nothing but time…  and it didn’t take long at that.  I already had the magazines, the tape and the frame.  I repurposed the old frame and restyled it to inspire me in the kitchen.  Oh, and if you notice, we also found little hooks for keys at a store and used those instead for aprons and pot holders.  Now, I’m ready to cook in the kitchen and I have a little inspiration to get me going!


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