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I was just talking to my sister-in-law Milena today and she was upset about the state of organization in her home.  My brother would prefer a “deep clean” but she is more worried about keeping things neat and tidy.  I can sympathize.  My kitchen is usually a little…  um…  neglected.  But I don’t have a lot of clutter.
She was hoping that I could help her in real time with advice on specific problem areas she has and what I might do to help.  I thought that sounded like a lot of fun!  I’ll try to keep all my friends here updated on that and where the project will go from there.  Maybe someday I could use this as part of my personal organizer portfolio.  Or maybe I will just stay retired for now…
In other news, I’m leaving for Puerto Rico on Thursday morning and I’ve been thinking about packing ideas that might help others or packing ideas that I’ve picked up along the way.
1.  Ask your husband or a guy in your life for help.  In general, in boy’s worlds, less is more.  
2.  Have a (somewhat) complete double set of toiletries at your disposal to save yourself from the early morning packing rush.  I keep a little box under the bed with toothbrushes, toothpaste, travel body wash, travel shampoo, etc. specifically designated for travel.
3.  Refill small travel bottles.  It’s an easy way to avoid the $.99 charge for travel sizes every time you travel.
4.  Invest in a small makeup palette just for travel.  Those handy little things will usually have two or three eyeshadows, an eyeliner and blush all in one.  You can find inexpensive nice ones from Sonia Kashuk at Target.  Or invest in a special one to make you feel put together on the road.  
5.  Realize that you will likely wear two less shirts and one less skirt/pair of pants/shorts when you travel.  Chuck those at the beginning of packing for less worries.
6.  Roll nearly everything.  This helps keep the wrinkles at bay.
7.  Always pack a pair of flip flops that you’re not afraid to wear outside of the shower.  You never know when your feet will start to complain after a night in heels.  Plus, flip flops are flat and pack light.
8.  If you use hot hair tools, like a straight iron or curling iron, invest in a heatproof cover for packing.  This will help speed along packing after you use your hair styling tool.  You can find these at beauty supply stores like Ulta and Beauty Brands or you can always look at discount stores.
9.  Always bring a mini sewing kit with you (the kind you can find in hotel rooms).  Who knows when a button or strap will fall off.  
10.  Last but not least, use a bathroom scale to weigh your luggage before you leave.  You never want to get stuck with over-limit fees at the last minute.  
Here’s hoping I can follow my own advice!  I should get packing!

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