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This morning at 1:30 AM, my husband and I put a bid in our first home. It’s a town house that’s about 1 1/2 times larger than our current apartment. As first time home-buyers, all I have to say is EEEK!!! Some things in life are bigger and scarier than you want them to be.
There are some giant things that I think I despise more than signing my life away to a mortgage. One of those things is moving. Nope, not the physical moving of objects from one place to the next. It’s packing the little things, all the Q-tips, spices and warranty manuals that we all have around us every day. And mostly? It’s the living out of boxes stage, where you’re not quite in one spot or another. Even in hotels, I tend to move in because living out of a suitcase is pretty stressful.
How can I calm down a little? How can I go about this moving process in an organized manner? Is it even possible to be an organized mover? The more I read about moving in an organized manner, the more I think it’s all a myth. I’ve moved enough times in my life to know that if it takes more than three suitcases to move halfway across the world, it’s too much trouble to bring. I think that’s my reactionary side talking, wanting to chuck everything out the window and buy everything new.
Just so you all don’t think I’m actually as organized as I pretend to be… when I moved from Japan to Colorado, I spent about $500 shipping boxes home, shoved everything into two suitcases and a duffle bag, panicked at 6:40 am because I had to be at the bus station at 7:00 and ended up throwing things hither and yon like it was the fall of Saigon. NOT my best moment! It was then, however, that I realized you can only control the little things in a move, and you better make them count.
Here are the things I like to control and things that will make me happy when I move… If you’re moving yourself this year, consider making your own list. It’s pretty fun!
Order new address labels and send out “We’re Moving” cards – I bought really cute “We’re Moving” cards in 2001 and never used them. Maybe this time?
Sign up for a few fun catalogs so that there is something waiting in your new mailbox other than bills
Label, label, label – some sites say to make indexes to your boxes, some say to color code… whatever. Just be REALLY specific on your box labels, even if there is a box with disposable razors, cereal and pillows in it.
Get a gift certificate ahead of time for pizza or Chinese food – you are going to be broke the first night and worried about spending money… as well as completely exhausted. Order out and don’t feel guilty about it!
Buy yourself or your roomie a small (under $15) housewarming gift – I have a cute one in mind…
Use moving as an opportunity to meet neighbors – people are always nice about helping others move. If they ask, “How can I help?” give them a simple task so that you can meet them. “Can you please hold this door?” usually works perfectly.
Buy a puppy within minutes of moving in – okay, that’s just us…
Buy a stupid picture or poster to put up on the wall – here is your chance to get a High School Musical poster. If you put it up it just takes away from the bare walls and makes things a little more entertaining.
Speaking of entertaining – GOOD PLAYLIST! Spend some effort and time putting good music on your stereo. You never know when you’ll need a boost with a happy little working song.
Who knows? Maybe your moving day (and mine!) will come out like a Disney movie…

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