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i’m dreaming of a warm and cozy Christmas!

It’s about 20 degrees outside right now, and that’s by far the most tropical it’s been in about a week and a half. With temps in the single digits, we first had to get our home a normal temperature before we could work on it being festive for the Christmas season.

The first thing my husband did was purchase and install the window cling products from Frost King that work a big like cellophane. You only need a pair of scissors, the kit, a blow dryer and a box cutter or razor blade… or so they say. What you really need is halfway normal temperatures and a LOT of patience! Follow the directions exactly and you can probably lower your thermostat by a few degrees. I would definitely say it was worth it, but I didn’t have to install them. We also bought foam insulation inserts for behind the outlets. Those work by blocking any outside air from coming in.

The next thing we did was buy a small oscillating space heater for the living room. We set it on our high bar/countertop and though we didn’t feel it immediately, we had enough heat in the living room to finally enjoy it and put up a few Christmas decorations. In the living room, we also broke down and bought some curtains to keep out the draft. We bought some very cute ones at West Elm, but JC Penney had a great sale as well. Lowe’s and Target also have a great selection of reasonably priced curtains that are lined and everything.

Last but not least, we shut the door to any room we weren’t using at the time that was sucking out heat. Our guest bedroom/office loses a LOT of heat, so we just shut the door and let whoever used it (me!) suffer with the cold. I suppose that’s what all of our sweaters and jackets are for! ; )

Now that Christmas is fast approaching, I thought I would share a few of those tips before I post about Christmas and all the lovely things that we are waiting for. Please stay warm and share your ideas here as well!

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