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Balcony Tour and DIY

Balcony Tour and DIY

It’s now been nearly a year since we moved to a slightly bigger apartment (we needed an extra room for a nursery!). We’ve been tackling decorating and organizing projects little by little and room by room.

Our most recent project is our balcony! Our new balcony is a lot bigger & we can finally do some pretty cool things with it. I also love the idea of spending more time during the day outdoors & a balcony is like halfway between indoor and outdoor.


This is our porch before with some pretty cute red plastic Target Adirondack chairs. We’ve had these for six years & it seemed like a good time to upgrade! The floor on our balcony was kind of dingy concrete that got dirty with storms & dust.


The first thing I did was head to Home Goods for these cute lanterns & the skull. The skull was actually in the Halloween section but I loved that it looked like the set of King King. That set me in the path of creating a tropical paradise on my porch!


These pillows are from the clearance section at Kirkland’s. At first they had these shimmery beads that I really didn’t like. One was falling off & I thought, “I can remove those & have some pretty cute pillows!” And that’s what I did.


I’ve had this poinsettia plant from a Christmas fundraiser last year & it’s still going! I repotted it & added a new exotic looking plant from Home Depot. I also added these pretty beach rocks to the pots to help with drainage and give the plants a more tropical look.


This simple stand is from Ikea & was a great deal. It’s got that perfect combo of nature & clean lines I love. We drilled a few holes on the shelves to let rainwater drain. You can also see in this picture the solar powered lights we found at Home Depot. I love how they look when they glow at night.


This carpet was an end of season clearance from Lowe’s. I love the natural fibers & how weather resistant it will be. Here’s my husband putting it down after trimming the edges to fit.


Last but not least, my husband made these amazing chairs from a YouTube tutorial. They fold up & out of the way & look great!! They’re also comfortable & a nice compact size compared with the red Target chairs.


This is our new outdoor living space! It came out much better than I hoped. Now I eat lunch outside with my baby & dog pretty much every day. It’s the perfect place for morning coffee, a reading nook, & drinks after work. We face a small park & we can see some pretty sunsets in the distance. I love it!


Do you have an outdoor living space you love? Have you added or refurbished some place in your home with lots of DIY projects? Share your thoughts below!


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