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Why Vision Boards Work

Why Vision Boards Work

Ok, more accurately “Why I Think Vision Boards Work.” I’m not an expert on vision boards or personal development or even the magical, mystical theories behind The Secret. I am an expert on my own vision board, though, and have given it a lot of thought.


First things first, what is a vision board? A vision board is a visual representation of all the things we hope for in life and in the future. This can be something physical using cardboard, magazine pictures, & glue. It can also be a virtual board like mine. I created a secret board on Pinterest so I could pin images & ideas there in a bit of a vacuum so I can think more clearly.


Some think that vision boards are a way to tell the universe about your desires & in doing this you can manifest those hopes & dreams into reality. Books like The Secret have that as the basis: tell the universe, lean in, & manifest.


In my own life, I see vision boards doing two things.


First, I think vision boards help you concretely clarify your values, wishes, & exactly what matters to you. Looking at it reminds you to pursue those things & keeps you from losing focus. I know in my life I started unconsciously comparing my life & each choice about it with my vision board & slowly but surely weeded out the things that didnt fit.


For example, I have a lot of images of peaceful, quiet mornings with coffee & reflection time. I realized my mornings can be pretty stressful. I jump out of bed & I’m right in the thick of it. One by one I started adding habits that more closely aligned with my ideal. I prepared the night before for breakfast. My husband & I were able to buy a refurbished espresso machine (best purchase ever!). Now I do peaceful activities in the morning once my little guy takes his first nap: Bible journaling, eating a leisurely breakfast, reading, that kind of thing. Eventually my mornings started feeling like those vision board mornings. Super cool, right? It’s a great tool to clarify & remind.


The second way I think vision boards can “work” is that they are essentially prayers. I’m asking God for these things & He gifts me sometimes with those things on my life. He’s listening when we express our hearts & in the right time & right way, our prayers do come true. I don’t often remember to ask God for the big things. I usually pray “God, five more minutes on my baby’s nap. Please!!” But the true heart’s desires, I forgot to ask or don’t trust God for such big things. This is a cool way to express our hopes & dreams. And it’s exciting that He’s listening to and responding to people who make vision boards who don’t even know about Him or His heart! He loves everyone as much as He loves & cares for me. That’s something I need to be reminded of.


Whether you believe it’s the universe or God, the cosmos, or just the power of the human spirit, it’s important to put our dreams out there & see what comes up! It’s also a neat tool for gratefulness. I can look at my board & be grateful for the things that have already come to pass.


Have you tried making a vision board? Which method do you like: physical or virtual? What do you think is the mechanism behind vision boards “working?” Share your thoughts below!



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