DIY: Carpet Cleaning Powder

DIY: Carpet Cleaning Powder


In my first installment of natural cleaning DIYs, I thought I would share my favorite recipe for a DIY Carpet Cleaning Powder!


The tenants before us in our apartment had a very sweet dog, who also happened to shed a lot. Eventually that sweet dog smell turned into a stale dog smell, and we were left with an apartment that smelled like someone else’s dog. With my serious dog allergies (hence our standard poodle), I needed to get that scent out and really get down into the carpet fibers.


I looked all over to find a carpet cleaning powder that didn’t have talc or other not-so-good scents and formulations. I decided to save a little money and use what I had around the house! If you have some essential oils you love, this DIY carpet cleaning powder will be easy to put together in just a few minutes.


The baking soda in this recipe really gets down into the carpet fibers and disturbs them enough so they can be vacuumed and lose that trapped dirt and debris. It’s like a double vacuuming in just one pass!



DIY Carpet Cleaning Powder


1 powdered sugar shaker (sugar removed of course)

1 bottle orange essential oil (or your favorite scent)

1 bottle tea tree essential oil

Baking Soda


Add enough baking soda to fill the shaker with room to mix. Add 10-12 drops of orange essential oil and 5-10 drops of tea tree (to disinfect). Cover the top and shake. Sprinkle all over carpeted areas. Leave on for 30-60 minutes. Keep kids and pets away from the area during this time (as best you can!). Vacuum up powder. Enjoy the fresh scent and soft carpet!


What DIY cleaners do you like? What’s your favorite way to freshen up your carpets? Do you have any tips on keeping kids and pets away from your cleaning projects? Leave a comment below!


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