I Colored My Hair at Home!

I Colored My Hair at Home!


One of my favorite youtube vloggers, Love Meg, uploaded a video this summer using Madison Reed’s at home hair dye kit. Her color looked so pretty I decided to give it a try it myself!


I’ve colored my hair at home loads of times. I’m a huge fan of changing up my look and think hair is the easiest way to do that. I’ve bought everything from the very cheapest to the most expensive box color and have gone from “meh” to “perfect!” with home hair color before. I was interested in trying something a bit more customized, and Meg’s transformation inspired me to give Madison Reed a go. I used her coupon code to buy myself a kit. After a survey, I was able to find just the right color to suit my hair. I ended up buying the color Firenze Brown.


When it arrived, I really liked that everything was included in the box: bottles, developer, gloves, wipes to protect my skin and wipe off mistakes, a shower cap, etc. It was nice that I didn’t have to go out and buy a bunch of supplies. The instructions and illustrations were very easy to follow.




After thirty minutes I went from this highlighted brown/ginger:



To this!



The color turned out so nicely! I’m really happy with it.


Here are my pros & cons so you can decide if a Madison Reed kit is right for you!




+ Great color payoff

The color was really pretty! To be honest, it was much nicer than I expected from a box. The survey gave me a few options, and I think any one of them would have been just right. The color was rich and had a lot of depth, which is something you don’t see very often in at-home color.


+ Cheaper than a salon

For around $20, you can have great color and all the supplies you need to apply it at home. My normal salon bills are too much for me to admit in public… I don’t think any salon will give you allover color for $20, so it’s a reasonably priced alternative.


+ Quick application

When I go to the salon, I end up spending hours and hours there. With a seven-month-old baby, I try to use my time more wisely and limit my salon visits to just a few times a year. This kit was so easy and convenient and required a lot less time away from my baby (who was happily playing with my husband while I applied the color). I also like that I can do things around the house while I’m waiting, which is something I can’t do at a salon.


+ Helpful kit and easy to use

I loved all the extra products like the stain removal wipes and shower cap. They really helped keep the mess to a minimum. My mother-in-law is a stylist so I have a lot of professional things like a cape and mixing dish at home. Not everyone is so lucky! If you’re a hair color newbie, you will have everything you need. Not only that, but I felt like the instructions were so easy and clear to follow.


+ Gorgeous design

Can we talk about the gorgeous graphic design of this kit! It really made the products feel upscale and special. I’m such a sucker for a good font…


+ Gentle color 

The color was not at all damaging and my hair was just as healthy before I colored it as after. Some box dyes can feel so caustic and my hair ends up crunchy the minute I rinse out the color. This kit is formulated without harsh chemicals (seriously! I was so surprised) and didn’t feel damaging or toxic.




+ Fades quickly

Unfortunately, this color did not last long at all. I even used my favorite color preserving shampoo! They have samples of their shampoo and conditioner in the kit, but I wasn’t a big fan. The color lasted far less than any boxed dye I’ve used before.


+ More expensive than other boxed dyes

If you normally color at home, at $20 this kit is more expensive than most boxed dyes. Even with the discount code, it was still pricier. If you’re very budget conscious, you can use coupon apps and newspaper coupons to get decent boxed color for much, much cheaper.


+ No conditioning treatment

One of my favorite things about at home kits like Clairol is the deep conditioner included in the box. It smells heavenly, conditions well, and is enough for two applications. The daily conditioner in the Madison Reed kit was just ok. I would love if they included a treatment.



Overall, I was very happy with Madison Reed’s at home hair color kit. If the color had lasted longer, I would likely buy it again and again. Instead, I found a salon with slightly more reasonable prices and picked up some professional dye the last time my mother-in-law was in town for touch-ups. It was a fun experiment, but a product I don’t think I’ll repurchase.


What about you? Do you like going to the salon or coloring at home? What at home hair color do you recommend? Have you tried Madison Reed?


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