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November Favorites

November Favorites

Last week, I spent the entire week with my family in Ohio for Thanksgiving! It was a much needed break and visit and a short hiatus from blogging. It was the first holiday with our little guy and some of his cousins. I got to eat, cook, play, relax, and laugh so hard. My brother and his family are a ton of fun!


Now it’s the last week of November and time for my November favorites. I can’t believe it’s that time already! This is such a fun way to recap my month and recommend all kinds of things I’m loving lately. I hope your Thanksgivings were a lot of fun and helped you reconnect with all the wonderful people in your life.






Starbucks Peppermint Mocha – I am SO excited the peppermint mocha is back in stores this month. It’s my favorite drink all year! I love to use a candy cane as a stirrer, and I think this should be standard in all Christmas drinks, right?



Hot Cocoa Marshmallow Cookie Cups – Speaking of Christmas drinks… do you see how cute these things are?? They are definitely going on my cookie baking list this year.



Taylor Swift “reputation” – I like to call this album “reputation – music for grown ups.” I love Taylor Swift and am excited that her sound is maturing a little. I have had this on repeat for the past two weeks. My favorite tracks are “New Year’s Day” and “Don’t Blame Me” with an honorable mention to “This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things.”



Hearth & Hand with Magnolia at Target – I’m totally new to this obsession people have with everything Chip & Joanna. I started watching old episodes of Fixer Upper and really like their aesthetic. It’s simpler than I normally like, but it’s a good counter to all the pop art and bright colors we have around our house. I grabbed this tree skirt to put around our tree this year. I’m so excited to see how it looks with our rainbow lights and million and one ornaments.




Tone It Up Black Friday/Cyber Monday Sale – As a Tone It Up member, of course I look forward to Black Friday every year! I managed to get a crazy discount and use a gift card to buy all of this for $20. I’m not a crop top kind of girl, but I think I’m going to make it my goal for their Bikini Series in the spring. I’m also happy to enjoy Perfect Fit Tea and Vanilla Protein. They’re both a big favorite.


Dyson V8 Animal Vacuum – My husband got my new (refurbished) vacuum on a major discount. It’s cordless and weighs next to nothing. I tried it out yesterday and I’m LOVING it. It’s also much quieter than my old vacuum. That means a lot because my little guy is totally afraid of the vacuum. Hopefully this helps!






Election Day – I take my right to vote very seriously and am excited to vote every year, even during “off years.” I really think there are no off year elections because every single one counts. It’s not every day that you get to tell the country what to do! I also vote because I know not everyone who lives in the US has the ability to. It’s important I stay grateful and work toward increasing voting access to everyone. If you’re not registered to vote, take the time between now and next November to register! Most states even let you register when you get your driver’s license. How easy is that?



Waldorf School of Philadelphia Holiday Fair – My husband and I have been looking seriously into sending our son to a Waldorf school when it’s time for preschool. We decided to attend this yearly event to check out the school, the neighborhood, and snag a Christmas gift. We found this absolutely adorable sea monster to put under the tree this year. The school had all kinds of kids’ activities, so we will definitely be back next year when our little buddy is big enough to participate.



Chicago Bears Game – This weekend we took our son to his very first NFL game! My husband is from Chicago so we were really happy to see the Bears face off with the Philadelphia Eagles. A good friend gave us tickets and we had such a great time. Guest services even gave us a “First Eagles Game” pin and certificate! This is also his first day out in a snowsuit and it kept him nice and toasty until halftime. He had enough by then and the Bears weren’t doing great so we headed home. I give him an A+ for lasting till halftime! My handsome husband also baby wore for most of the game, which was the sweetest.



Blustery November walks – This is the first year I’ve realized that November is one of my very favorite months. I love gloomy, dramatic weather and cold spells. I’ve taken to bundling up and spending a lot of time outdoors. How beautiful are the trees, fog, and rain this time of year? I doubt I’m all alone with this!



There you have it: my November favorites! What fun memories do you have from this month? What seasonal products do you like to purchase this time of year? Tell me in the comments below!




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** None of these links or products are sponsored. These opinions are all my own and are just my way of sharing the things I love! **



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