Sick Day Survival Tips

Sick Day Survival Tips


This winter cold and flu season has hit my family and my friends’ families pretty hard this year. It’s the first time we all have little ones, so it keeps spreading from kids to parents to kids to parents to kids… My little guy got particularly sick one night with a 104.5 fever! After panicking at midnight and calling our doc, I learned that a high fever isn’t always a cause for a trip to the emergency room. Learning something new every day!



I got about four days of a bad cold despite trying pretty hard to avoid it. I guess when you’re acting as a caretaker of anyone – children, parents, students – it’s easy to pick things up. Through that process, I did some research and used some old favorite remedies to feel better. Here goes!



+ shots! shots! shots!


Ok, not tequila shots! More like lemon, apple cider vinegar, and ginger type shots. I drink a lot of “tonics” when I’m sick and they usually include those ingredients. All three are popular for flushing toxins. They’re certainly effective at clearing your sinuses! There are all kinds of recipes out there, but I’m really liking this Kevita tonic with tumeric and ginger right now.


+ stay green


It’s so important when you’re feeling icky to double down on fruits and vegetables. Green juices are nice, but plain old orange juice and tomato soup will do in a pinch. I love hot soups because they’re so comforting, but a pretty salad with all kinds of vegetables or chili is a great way to get in all those delicious vitamins and minerals. Liquid meals are also helpful to keep your sinuses draining and to avoid dehydration.


+ wash up


This is especially important for caregivers! I stationed my Honest Company hand sanitizer on our kitchen counter so I could disinfect my hands whenever I walked by. Nothing beats a good hand-washing, but this winter weather can really destroy your hands. I try to split it up a little between hand sanitizer and soap. If you have little ones, I’ve heard that having them sing “Happy Birthday” while they are washing their hands is a good way to ensure they are washing for long enough. Maybe I should try that sometime! I also make sure to wash all my sheets and towels pretty frequently when people in the house are sick.


+ get outside


I think this is a holdover idea from the days of miasma, but I think there’s nothing more curative than cold, unfiltered, outdoor air to clear up any illness. I got sick last year when we were in Iceland, and I feel like the icy, arctic air cleared my cold up days sooner. I mean, of course bundle up, but sunshine will really give you more energy and walking around a little bit can help with sinus and chest congestion.


+ skincare basics


When I’m sick, the last thing I want to do is wash my face and take care of my skin at night. That results in me breaking out like crazy every time I have a cold. I’ve been trying this week to gently help my face along instead of ignoring it for three or four days. I love these Pacifica Coconut Water wipes during the day, my Garnier eye roller gel to depuff my undereyes, Coola sunblock (for braving the cold), and a spritz or two of Mychelle Fruit Enzyme mist when my skin feels especially parched.


+ get the gunk out


I swear by Pharmaca’s Breathe Clear essential oil blend in a diffuser and my Neti Pot when I’m sick. A humidifier in your room can also help loosen up congestion. I love natural cough drops like Burt’s Bees, Ricola, and some leftoever Icelandic cough drops I still have! The menthol and herbs in these cough drops do such a great job of clearing my sinuses. The pectin, honey, and fruit sugars really help with any chest gunk that’s making me cough.


What kinds of things are in your sick day survival kit? What do you like to have on hand to feel better? Let me know in the comments below!




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