My #1 Key to a Good Morning

My #1 Key to a Good Morning


If you’re looking at this pic and thinking, “Hugh Jackman and strawberries” are my #1 Key to a Good Morning, you would be half right. Not a bad way to start my day! The hotel next door serves a delicious breakfast that’s perfect during snow days.


The real #1 key to a good morning for me is to have the most boring nighttime routine ever. Day in and day out. Totally repetitive and boring.


I see so many posts about having a good morning routine that will magically make you a morning person. Morning pages, daily meditation, a fireplace, coffee with grassfed butter, a brisk walk in the morning. Honestly, none of those things has pulled me out of bed faster than my little guy crying in the morning. Actually, they never really pull me out of bed at all. I’m addicted to my sleep.


I have found instead that having a super chill, boring, repetitive nighttime routine helps me wake up in the morning refreshed and ready to do things.


These are just a few steps I generally follow for my evening routine:


+ baby bedttime


I can’t emphasize this enough: a schedule for my baby is EVERYTHING. He has a pretty boring evening routine too, it’s just cuter and a bit more fun. Bath, dim the lights, change into pjs, bottle, book, prayer, go to sleep. It’s so nice knowing that he is all settled into sleep, and that really relaxes me a lot.



+ no more than one episode


Who isn’t sucked into Netflix before bed? I read something recently that auto-play and cliff hangers are specific ingredients to keep you engaged in Netflix. The sleep expert suggested watching the first five minutes of the next episode so you can see how it resolves and then shutting it off. It really does make a difference! We also only have one tv in our house and it’s not in our bedroom. Keeping the tv out of our room makes our bedroom an oasis, not someplace to plug in.



+ get ready for tomorrow


I like to make overnight oats once a week to have on hand when I wake up. I also tidy my kitchen and start the dishwasher. When I was working outside my home, I would always set out my outfit the night before. If I have any errands to run first thing, I’ll pop my checkbook, paperwork, or anything else in my handbag to get ready for the next day. A tidy house, breakfast, and a new outfit ready to go are the best ways for me to feel calm in the morning.



+ a hot beverage


I like a nice, relaxing tea before I go to bed. I’m not always consistent with this, but it is such a good way to wind down. I also avoid food for about an hour before I go to bed. That way, when I wake up my body is in a fasted state and ready to start burning some of its fuel. I like a little bit of sweet and zero caffeine for my tea.



+ a skincare routine


I love winding down with a skincare routine. Mine takes awhile. It’s like 6 or 7 products. But the ritual of doing that every night keeps my pores clear and is such a good way to practice self care. I also have a facial brush and massager, which are nice ways to clean and lift my skin right before bed. And of course my serums… addicted!



+ warm pjs


If you’re the type of person who gets hot at night in bed, I would suggest whatever pjs make you feel most comfortable. I’m freezing all the time, so my cozy pjs are perfect for a relaxing nighttime routine.



+ shutting down my apps


This is more psychological than anything else, but I like killing all the apps on my phone before I go to bed. I feel like I’m saying goodnight to my technology and getting a fresh start on tomorrow.



+ a book or magazine


This is the last thing I do in my nighttime routine that zones me out at night. I like to read things on my kindle on the darkest setting or have a physical book or magazine. It’s important to limit as much blue light as possible. I like to do the same thing I do with a Netflix episode: if my chapter is exciting or a cliff hanger, I read the first paragraph of the next chapter to get a sense of closure for the night.



And that’s it! I admit, I love my sleep and love to sleep in. I’m also working on having a morning routine. I don’t practice these steps every night, but when I do I feel like I can get into a deeper, more restful sleep that allows me to feel a little sane the next day.



What about you? What’s your nighttime routine? Do you have any tips or tricks for a good morning? Comment below!




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