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DIY: Fabric Freshener

DIY: Fabric Freshener


I don’t know about you, but I love finding natural, DIY alternatives to store-bought cleaning products. Even though so many cleaning products do make a difference in how clean and sweet-smelling my house is, I like to have alternatives that don’t effect my baby or my dog in a negative way. With all the amazing smells from essential oils and the natural cleaning power of simple household products, you can really get a lot done!


For today’s edition, I thought I would share my simple recipe for a DIY Fabric Freshener. Who doesn’t like nice smelling sheets? I also use this on shower curtains, bathroom rugs, my mattress pad and mattress, curtains, pillows, blankets, and anything else I don’t wash every week. I even use it on my fabric headboard! I love that it’s customizable too. You can add just about any scent you like. I like using fresh scents that brighten up my home like lemon, orange, mint, and grapefruit.


I always use tea tree essential oil in any natural cleaning product because of its antiseptic and detox properties.




DIY Fabric Freshener


1 spray bottle (I love the one I bought from Dollar Tree!)

1 bottle tea tree essential oil (use this for all scents and formulations)

1 bottle of lemon essential oil

1 bottle of mint essential oil

Water (distilled works best)


Fill spray bottle with water leaving a little space on top to shake the bottle. Add 10 drops tea tree essential oil. Add 5-7 drops lemon and 5-7 drops mint essential oil. Shake and spray!



Tiny Tip: Avoid spraying on delicate fabrics like silk. You can always try a spot test in a hidden area, but I avoid using it on any fabrics that don’t react well to oil.



For another DIY natural cleaning product with essential oils, check out my post on DIY Carpet Cleaning Powder!  I especially love to use Pharmaca essential oils in projects like this for their staying power and reasonable price. Nope, not sponsored. I just love them!



Let me know what scents you’ve discovered! Leave a comment below.



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