Spring Cleaning: 8 Ways to Spring Clean Your Haircare

Spring Cleaning: 8 Ways to Spring Clean Your Haircare


Just a day late for my post today… I find myself not hitting my own deadlines with this blog. I mean they’re completely arbitrary deadlines, but it’s good to set and meet goals for yourself, right? I also like to let you in a little on how a blog works because it’s sometimes helpful to get an idea about the process in case anyone reading this  is thinking about starting or maintaining a blog.


I’ve been a little uninspired and struggling with content lately. I guess I love the look of pretty blog pictures but I seriously never find myself taking pictures or setting them up with the same motivation and energy as the writing. Which leads to a product I would like to improve upon. I’d also like to start working on a content calendar for myself so I can do little series like this one. Having posts that link to other posts is really fun and brings some content I hope is more engaging and fun to read!


That being said, here goes with this post!


On Tuesday, I began a little spring cleaning series with another post on Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Obsessed much? I just love Kondo and her philosophy so much!





Today, I want to tackle another aspect of spring cleaning: hair! I know it may seem like spring cleaning is all about the home, but it’s a great excuse to refresh other things in your life. As you can see from some of these pictures, I absolutely love changing my hair up with different colors and styles. I’m not big on styling my hair day to day (usually just straighten and maybe put in a ponytail), so I like to have fresh color and a nice cut to make it a little less boring.


Thankfully, my hair grows super fast, so I’m able to freshen things up frequently. I also take good care to keep the color and condition of my hair healthy.  Here are some of the things I do to give my hair a little refresh, and ensure that I’m doing everything in my power (and budget!) to keep it nice. These are just a few ideas…





+ clarifying shampoo


This is probably my #1 tip for a spring cleaning of your hair. I try to use a clarifying shampoo every Sunday, but if you’re not able to make the time to do this regularly, every few weeks or so work well too. Because I use it sporadically, I love using the high end Sunday Shampoo from Bumble & Bumble. I think it’s the best one on the market. It has such a nice lather and scent and really does a great job of cleansing my scalp. I also love AG’s Natural Balance Apple Cider Vinegar shampoo. ACV is such a great clarifying ingredient!


Here’s the thing: we expect our hair to do so much every day! We add a lot of product to keep it looking great: hairspray, dry shampoo, hair oils, serums, root boosters. All that stuff ends up gathering on your hair and your scalp and makes it harder for healthy hair to grow underneath. If you only wash your hair once a week or so and rely heavily on dry shampoo, this is an especially important step. That stuff can really gunk up the works! It can take a little bit of a toll on color. If you are using it less than once a week, try to use a clarifying shampoo at the tail end of fresh color so you give your color a little time to settle into each hair shaft.





+ no heat day or week


I have to admit, I use a blow dryer and flatiron pretty much every day. And I don’t go to the trouble of using a heat protectant spray. I have very fine hair, and a heat protectant really just weighs it down. Because of all this heat damage, the ends of my hair can get pretty damaged. If you’re doing some spring cleaning on your hair, try going without heat styling for a week! Embrace your natural texture and see what happens. There are also a few conditioners on the market that are specifically designed for no heat styles. If you’re like me and have crazy cowlicks around your hairline, even just blow drying the front and leaving the rest natural is a good effort. I find that laying off heat styling even just once a week makes a big difference in the condition of my hair.



+ wash hair every day for a week


I know the trend lately is to leave as many days as possible between washes to preserve the health and color of your hair. While dry shampoos do in a pinch, I think it’s just another product sitting on your scalp for two or three days. While those with very brittle and dry hair or textured hair might have to wait longer between washes, the average woman should try washing her hair every day for a week. I have a lot of friends who ask me why my hair grows super fast. I swear it’s because my scalp is very clean and daily shampoos help stimulate hair follicles and free up some space for new growth. It’s worth a try, right?





+ change your part


This is more of a style spring refresh than a hair health one. If you wear your hair parted to one side or the center every single day for years, your hair will start getting flatter over time as the growth pattern shifts in that direction. Whenever I want more bounce or volume, I just switch up my part and it’s like magic! It happens to be good for hair health too. Repetitive stress on hair is pretty damaging and can compromise the quality of your strands. Same goes for headbands or tight ponytails. You do that over and over for years, and your hair is fighting an uphill battle for growth and health.





+ hello gorgeous… hair


Speaking of a style change up, I have a Pinterest board all about hair called: hello gorgeous… hair. It’s where I pin all my favorite hair cuts and colors for future trips to the salon. Pictures are SO useful when discussing hair with your stylist. I love having a few different pictures for cut and color so my stylist can get a more exact idea of what I want. It’s also fun to imagine new shades or cuts before you attempt them. One thing I will mention: try using a finger to cover the model’s face. Sometimes I’ll see a girl with a cute button nose and a pretty, full face, and what I’m envying is her bone structure, not her hairdo. It’s easy to confuse that! I also look for models and celebs who have a similar look to mine. If I’m looking at pics of Lily Cole with her pretty, round, elvish face and peaches and cream complexion, I’m really going on a wild goose chase for hair that would transform me into her. Stay realistic, but keep your mind open for something new and fun.



+ trim the ends


This is for your hair health. Split ends do major damage to hair because they spread up the hair shaft as they age. When I don’t want to change my length at all, but I really want to freshen up my hair, I ask for a “dusting” off the ends. I’m also very clear about that with my stylist. If you’re looking to really enhance the health of your strands, an inch or two is a great way to do that. Plus a blunt crop is really hot this spring!


+ clean ingredients


Clean eating is very popular these days, as well as all environmentally friendly and green products. As we’re getting closer to Earth Day this month, it’s good to reexamine our household and personal care products to see what kind of impact they have on our world and our health. Haircare is no exception! I look for cruelty-free hair products, preferably fair trade or fair wage, and of course free of lab-made chemicals and ingredients. That being said, sometimes you can’t avoid artificial ingredients if your budget is tight. Buy the “cleanest” you can afford! Most inexpensive hair products are moving away from paragons and phthalates & you can find better-for-you products on the shelves of any store. It’s important to give hair some kind of breathing room to stay its healthiest and prettiest.





+ deep conditioner


I use a deep conditioner mask once a week after my clarifying shampoo. This has gone a long way toward keeping my hair healthy when I’ve used bleach, permanent straightening treatments, color, product, you name it. I love, love, love Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Mask and am a very loyal fan. If you want a budget hack with that, look at Marshall’s or TJ Maxx. Because it’s a personal care product, any unused returns are not able to be sold in salons. That doesn’t mean they can’t be resold at discount chains. I’m able to save about half of the full priced cost this way. I also really like Aussie’s Three Minute Miracle treatment. The smell is delicious and I find it very effective! Not as effective as the Macadamia Oil product, but still good for the money. I can’t emphasize enough how important a deep conditioning treatment is to the longevity and health of your hair. It’s the one step that I never leave out of my haircare regime.



As you’re heading into spring cleaning, consider giving your hair a little makeover and freshening up your strands. Self care is healthcare, right? A little pampering will go a long way toward helping you attack all the spring cleaning tasks in your home with renewed energy.



Do you have any hair hacks or spring cleaning ideas? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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