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What’s in My Beach Bag

What’s in My Beach Bag



Summer is finally here! I’ve been waiting for this summer for a long time. My son is now fourteen months old, so he’s just the right age for playing in the surf and sand. We took him to the shore last year, but it was mostly just lying in the sunshine and looking at the sky (not bad either..).





This summer, we also packed nearly all of our travel into late spring and early summer (our May road trip and our early June shore trip). I can’t believe it’s so early in the summer and the bulk of our hectic travel season is mostly over. Now I’m looking forward to lazy days at the pool, grilling, ice cream, and sunset walks for the next two months. If you’re the type of family who travels all summer, you will totally appreciate this.





This year, we joined our friends for the second year in a row at a shore house in Sea Isle, New Jersey. It’s such an easy trip with a toddler for us. Not much need for an elaborate toddler road trip survival guide this time! One of the days was rotten weather, but one day was just perfect! In the 70s, sunny, not too hot, nice breezes. And we went to the beach on a Monday afternoon/evening so it was totally empty! It was just us, our friends’ family, a handful of surfers, and some sea birds. I was grateful for such a quiet happy day at the beach!





Because we have easy access to the ocean and a great pool at our apartment complex, I end up having a packed beach bag on hand at all times. It’s just a few things, but when a spur of the moment perfect pool day comes up, it’s great to have everything ready on a moment’s notice.





Maybe you’re wondering just what’s in this beach bag… Mostly the essentials! I don’t like to have a ton in there so I have room to add a book, my iPad, a coconut water, or whatever else I want to bring that day. I also add a few toddler essentials because my usual pool/beach companion is my sweet son. My husband (like all men) is blessed with pockets in every single article of clothing, so he has less need of a beach bag.


This beach bag is from a Tone It Up Bikini Series challenge a few years ago. I love the neoprene fabric, easy cinch top, and net pocket on the front for essentials. It’s lightweight and packs down well which is great for road trips and stowing in between trips. Lots of companies bring out bags like this this time of year. I would bet they’re an easy find.





In my toddler portion, I have Neutrogena Wet Skin Kids in SPF 70+. I love that this sunscreen is water repellant and easy to spray and apply. I like to spray it on my hands before applying though because it’s really cold straight out of the bottle! My son thinks the spray part is pretty fun. I also found these adorable sunglasses at Carter’s. I like to store them in a Ziplock snack bag to keep them from scratching too much. I usually stow them in the front net pocket of my beach bag. I also have this super cute “Dude” cap that I got in the Target Dollar Spot. Perfect for keeping the sun out of his eyes.





In my portion, I of course have a magazine. I’m a total magazine addict. I have my favorite Coola sport sunscreen in White Tea. I use this on my face every day, rain or shine. It has a nice lightweight feel and doesn’t make my skin oily during the day. I’ve loved Neutrogena Ultra Sheer body mist for years and years. It’s my very favorite. I also have a Vaseline lip balm to keep my lips protected from salty sea air. I bought a small brush just for my beach bag and added an elastic hair tie to the handle, so I don’t have to go digging in my bag for one. These Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses are a very favorite pair from years and years ago. I store them in a Marimekko zip pencil case to protect from scratches. The sunglasses came with a protective hard case, but it’s so big and bulky that I downsized. This cute towel is also from Tone It Up and came in the same bundle as the bag. I’m recently in love with this “Day Drinking” bottle from Love Sweat Fitness. It’s lightweight BPA free plastic and has these cute markings on the front to remind you to drink water throughout the day.


It’s just that simple! If I only have a few essentials in my bag, I find it so much easier to grab and go and add whatever I need that day. I’d love to hear what essentials you have in your beach bag. What makes an essential beach bag for you? Comment below with your ideas!


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