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Exciting Changes Coming to microliving!

Exciting Changes Coming to microliving!


Happy September 1! For me, that’s the official start of fall, even though according to the calendar I’m 22 days early. I’ve already started getting my fall decorations out and planning my fall wardrobe. And I’m feeling the back to school vibes just like everyone else! I’m always open to a fresh start and fresh inspiration.


Speaking of September 1, it’s the one year anniversary of my re-imagined blog! I’m happy to look back and see the work I’ve done here. It’s been such a great outlet from the day to day life as a stay at home parent. It’s something I create and something that helps remind me that I am still just Stephanie, aside from all the other roles I fill in the world.


Even though the frequency dropped a bit this summer, I’m glad I kept up the writing and posting and pictures for a full year. It’s one thing to have all these blog ideas in my head and another thing entirely to keep publishing regardless of whether I think things are “perfect” or not. As I used to tell my students, “better done than perfect.” I think I’ve grown a lot as a writer and have really enjoyed the process.


I’ve spent the last few weeks giving a lot of deep thought to this blog, the message I put out in the world, and my heart for others. With my lifestyle break and being a bit easier on myself this summer, I’ve been able to think a little more clearly about the creative and personal pursuits I chase after.


In the middle of all this thinking, I was incredibly grateful to see Kim Walker-Smith at a worship night about a month ago. These kinds of worship nights have led to so much inspiration and clarity and have shown me the heart of God for my life and His plan that guides me toward happiness and joy. Sometimes He sets challenges before me to grow, to be better, projects to tackle, anything He knows will take me further on this journey.


On this particular night, He had a few things to say over my life. One was an invitation to only write about spiritual things here and to set aside anything else. I spent the last few weeks wrestling with that message.


At one point, I started to imagine my homemaking blog posts as a possible business venture. I researched monetizing my posts, working toward being an “influencer,” working through SEO, and pursuing that professional blogger path. I even tried a few new filters and hashtags to get it going. My ultimate goal was to get a side hustle going, but realistically I was hoping to get some free stuff!


With all that in mind, I thought it was kind of crazy that God was asking me to set that whole plan aside and only write about spiritual things. Like, what about me? What about my plans? Wasn’t I on the path of something honest and helpful for my family? What about my readers (you sweet loyal friends!)? What about the fun I’ve had creating, giving advice, and inspiring people about their daily lives? What if nobody wants to read only faith posts? What the heck am I even going to write about? What does all this look like after I start? Ok God, what’s the plan here?


And He just asked me to walk forward a little and trust Him. As He usually does.


So here I am, a year into this refreshed blog, and thinking that this is the path forward for microliving, regardless of where it takes me. It’s a big change and something that will force me to be more vulnerable and step out of my shell a little. Writing only about faith is a pretty tough thing, especially when my faith is something not everyone gets or likes. I’m not going to mean to, but I know I might leave some people out along the way.


I will say this: I’ll do my damndest to make every post relevant and kind and considerate and understanding to those who are on different spiritual paths (or no particular path at all). I find nearly all of my inspiration in my spiritual life from others: my sweet Jehovah’s Witness, Mormon, atheist, Jain, Muslim, Buddhist, and Jewish friends. I’m not going to abandon that love and admiration just because I’ve chosen a pretty clear path for myself. I ask you to stick around and trust my heart for you. And if I’m saying something exclusionary or hurtful, please reach out! I try every day to get better and learn how to create a truly welcoming place for others.


Even though I’m redirecting a little and forging a new path, all of my old posts about homemaking, DIYs, travel, and personal development will stay on this blog. I’m going to miss those posts and the ways I hope I’ve been able to inspire your home life. But when God asks you a favor, well, I guess I just have to say goodbye to a few things to say hello to the future. And if you want to follow along on my daily life happenings, travels, food, and my family, you can always find me on instagram!


I, for one, am excited about that future! I like trying new things and challenges and invitations to grow. Every step forward in trust with God has always lead me to greater blessings, greater joys, and a fuller life. I know He is always for me and fights on my behalf to make my paths straight and sure. So I’m going to move forward and ask you to come with me. Let’s see what happens!




Jeremiah 29:11


“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” 





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