Pretty Pixels – DIY Decor

Pretty Pixels – DIY Decor

Pretty Pixels – DIY Decor

Downsizing to a one-bedroom apartment is definitely one of the best moves my husband and I have made. We love all the amenities, how easy it is to clean and pick up, the neighborhood, and meeting new people every day. Own downside is that we can’t paint the walls or put up wallpaper. We have a lot of blank walls and they are very plain, so we’ve been brainstorming creative ways to bring more color. 

I found a creative project on pinterest that used paint swatches from a paint store to create an ombre rainbow on the wall (see below). Not wanting to steal a bunch of paint swatches and then add lots of tape or glue to rental walls, we decided to create our own version. We also love the idea of having something handmade in our place. 

We began the project by purchasing six 24×18″ canvas boards. We then bought an extra large pile of acrylic paints, a few brushes, a palette, and automotive painter’s tape that was about an inch wide. We also used flattened cardboard boxes to protect the counters and lots of paper towels. 

We measured and masked off squares with the painter’s tape. My husband was responsible for this job. He alternated sizes and measurements so there was a lot of variety in the shapes on the board. 

Once the boards were taped off, I started with using paint straight from the tube for each panel. That “pure” color would go in individual squares, and then I would mix each shade with either Mars Black or Titanium White to create the ombre effect. We put silver and gold blocks on each panel in random places to create some continuity between panels. 

When everything was dry, we used Command Adhesive picture hanging strips on the back of each panel. 


There’s my husband hanging the panels below! We spent a lot of time playing with arrangements and layouts on the floor before we attached the panels to the wall. 
And this was the final result! This has really added a lot of color to our apartment and has brought together a lot of the style elements in our decor. We already had bright pink and orange pillows and a chevron pattern under our breakfast bar. I like having a more complete look to the living room and really enjoy coming home to something handmade! 


How have you decorated your place? Are you finding interesting ways to add color in your home? Comment below and tell me what you think! 

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