Tiny Tips – Nail Tricks

Tiny Tips – Nail Tricks

Happy Tuesday everyone! I thought I would start a little series called Tiny Tips – just a few quick things you can do to improve your life. Nothing too complicated and nothing too serious. For today, I would like to introduce you to my friend and blogger Samantha Pal Frazier over at Peaches n’ Creme . She has lots of fun product reviews and beauty tips. She just reviewed this polish from CoverGirl called Vio-Last that’s only $5! Check her blog out, like, comment, share, pin. 

Here are some of my own tiny tips for nail polish:

  • Look for coupons – my nail place has a frequent buyer program and gives out coupons on your birthday. I try to leave those coupons in my wallet because it’s so easy to forget them! Sunday circulars also have nail polish coupons that really add up.
  • Take a steamy shower – I’m a pretty messy nail polisher and get nail polish all over my cuticles. To keep my nails neat and tidy, I polish them the evening before and then take a hot shower in the morning. While my conditioner is soaking in, I gently scrape the excess nail polish off my fingers and cuticles. The steam really loosens the polish from your skin but not your nails.
  • Easy way to extend your manicure – I notice that most of my manicures chip at the tips a few days in, but the rest of the nail still looks good. Instead of reaching for my polish over and over, I just trim my nails a tiny bit shorter. Voila! Instant touch-up! 
  • Buff it out – Most polish needs something to grip on to to make it really stick. I use a buffer block with four sides and buff three sides, but not the fourth, before I put on nail polish. That smooths out any ridges or imperfections, but still gives the polish a bit of grip. 
There you have it! Tiny tips that make a difference.

What nail tips do you have? Do you enjoy getting manicures at a salon or are you a DIY kind of girl? What’s your current favorite polish?

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