new year, same old

New Year, Same Old

While I really do enjoy making New Year’s resolutions, hoping for the best, and cleaning up my life, I realize that, from year to year, not that much changes. Makeovers generally don’t stick. Resolutions, about 44% of the time, don’t stick. Fresh starts and new beginnings are sometimes just a change of location.

Some might find that idea depressing. I find it a big challenge. If I want to make a change, I have to make a big, important change. Even though I’ve moved a million times, changed my hair more than I can count, started working out and stopped working out, changed relationships with family and friends… I am still essentially me! This is an exciting challenge for my year. Don’t just change the things around me… change what’s inside. I see that the true path to change of any kind is change from the inside.

Change from the inside, I think, comes from making concrete goals that will change you. If you want to be more generous, make it a goal to give at least 5% of your income to the needy. If you want to be well-traveled, decide exactly where you want to go. If you want to be more spiritual? Start with a daily prayer. Healthier? Start your workouts at once a week and go up from there. Small, concrete, realistic goals are the path to real change.

I just took a little challenge on recently. I had to list 100 things I want to do with my life in 20 minutes. I was really grasping at straws at about 10 minutes. I was pulling out things from the woodwork at about 15 minutes. This was so difficult to do! I really encourage you all to try this exercise… because I was really grasping at straws, I came up with some goals that I never thought I ever wanted to do… To complete the exercise, put the list away for a day. Come back to it the next morning and start sorting out what’s really important and what’s realistic and do-able. I also put my ideas into general categories. Travel… see more concerts… do more good…
What an exciting thing to think about!

Try making this list on your own. I would love to hear your feedback. I think it’s a fantastic start to a new year. If you focus in on what’s really, really important and do things thing you really, really want to do, you might be able to make true changes in your life. Not the ones that don’t last. Maybe you won’t be the same person next year. That is an exciting idea!

Here are some of mine (from little to small, hard to easy, list them all!):

1) Travel to Paris
2) Live abroad again
3) Get a rockin’ body (!)
4) Travel to Russia
5) See my favorites in concert… Barlowgirl, Britt Nicole, Leann Rimes, SHeDaisy, Bjork (again!), Kylie…
6) Travel to South Korea
7) Begin another daily Bible study
8) Walk with my dog every day
9) Have one media blackout day a week (no FB, Twitter, blogs, forums, news…)
10) Read Jane Austen’s collected works
11) Give, give, give until it hurts
12) Join the Junior League
13) Paint all the rooms in my house
14) Try to fit in more fruits and veggies into every meal
15) Learn how to play football

That’s just a start. Start thinking about your future in big and small ways and you might surprise yourself.

This all makes me realize the real meaning of Micro Living: focus in on the things that really, really matter. The rest is just clutter.

Happy New Year to you all!

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