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Quick and Healthy Eating Tips

Being so busy all the time makes healthy eating a challenge! When we first got our puppy and were constantly on the watch for accidents, chewing on electrical outlets and making sure she wasn’t bored, my healthy eating habits took a nosedive. I was eating only frozen food and Spam. Seriously! I had a hard time getting out of the house for groceries and an even harder time preparing meals. Eight-week-old puppies are a challenge! Now that my life is a little more normal, I’ve found that simplifying my food choices and concentrating on getting the most nutritional bang for my buck helps me to stay on track.

My friend Christina Hales works out of her home for a company called Nuriche. She is a busy mom and wife and somehow manages to make sure her family is healthy. I caught up with her recently and this is what she had to say about her product and how she keeps her eating quick and healthy:

Living healthy is not just being “trendy” anymore. The world is catching on to the idea of going back to the basics and eating just the basics! This is why I love Nuriche so much. This product is a powder that you simply add to water. By taking just one serving you get your 5 servings of fruits and vegetables. The ingredients are 30 fruits, 30 vegetables, 11 seeds & nuts, 83 enzymes & 22 probiotics. It has made my “eating the basics” a breeze!” By providing my body with these ingredients I have not wanted sweets, found myself eating way less & have the right amount of energy for my day.

If you’re interested in her products or in her story, please check out the following websites to learn more.

Here are some other ways to eat healthy, keep to your nutritional goals in mind and save some money:

1) Try going meatless – Even if for just one day! Meatless Mondays are becoming a popular way to eat less expensively, eat healthier and simplify your cooking. I was a vegetarian for many years and I really noticed that there was a big change in my energy level after going meatless. With a vegetarian husband, I try to limit my meat intake at home and splurge a little on our Friday date nights. I like having just one meal for the family, instead of trying to include meat for me and something else for my husband. This definitely simplifies things! I think families can learn a lot about new foods and trying new things if they all eat the same meal. We save a lot of money just cooking one meal and because we don’t have to spend money on expensive cuts of meat and lots of different varieties, we are helping our wallets too! I think it’s worth a try. Start with that one day a week and see if you can expand it to more. The nutritional value is undeniable as well. Most people don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables. With a meat-free meal, you can pack in a lot more vegetables, alternative protein sources (like beans and tofu) and add fruit to make things interesting. I would suggest looking at cookbooks at the library or surfing for new recipes. Pay attention to what you and your family like. Even a meal as simple as pasta with jarred spaghetti sauce, a salad and fruit for dessert is vegetarian (can easily be made vegan). The meal is simple, inexpensive and gets your fruits and veggies in. Try new and exciting recipes every week.

2) Do what works for you – If you like snacking throughout the day, try keeping healthy snacks on hand and scale down your regular meals. If you prefer a large sit-down dinner, make sure there are a lot of dishes that are healthy, interesting and tasty. If you like to drink a lot of water, great. If not, try adding lemon slices or even cucumber slices to the water to make sure you drink more. Try to tweak your menu and your meal and snack choices to reflect what you really love and will eat. If you buy what you like and will eat, you will save money at the grocery store and not throw out as much food at the end of the week. I love looking in my fridge and cupboard every day and seeing a lot of healthy meal choices that I also enjoy eating.

3) Prepare – I really like to prepare snacks and meals ahead of time. Making meal plans and grocery lists is a great way to curtail your spending, simplify your shopping and keep your food healthy and interesting. I like to do this at the beginning of every week. Many people like to prep, chop, and peel their food right when they get home from the grocery store. I’m a little bit too lazy to do all that! But I always like to find all my ingredients and prepare them before I make a recipe. That way, I can see what I have, what I might need and it makes cooking easy and quick. Like I mentioned above, stock your cupboard with foods that are healthy and foods that you like. I stopped buying a lot of snacks and junk food because if it’s not in the house, I probably won’t eat it. This has saved me money (not buying things that are just junk and will go to waste) and has helped me keep my healthy eating plan on track.

4) Invest in the good stuff – Whether you are buying nutritional supplements like Christina and her family, multi-vitamins, food for meals or snacks and beverages, keep in mind that investing in pure, healthy ingredients will pay off in the long run. I like to invest in good-quality foods. I consider it an investment for my health as well as an easy way to eat less. For example, I like to get a small amount of really good cheese. It’s more satisfying so I use less of it, and it’s a lot healthier than super-processed artificial cheese products. Even if you might be saving few dollars that week at the grocery store by buying less expensive foods, in the long run, you might want to invest in something healthier and more satisfying.

5) Splurge and save where you need to – Nobody is going to stick to a healthy diet if they lose all of their favorite foods in the process. Also, if you spend all of your money on super-healthy, super-satisfying foods, you may break the bank more often than you want to. Think about the few foods that are your absolute favorite and find little ways to save money. I really love chocolate, so I like to splurge on my favorite chocolate chips for a snack. I also like sweet drinks, so I make sure that I work one or two into my weekly healthy eating plan. One soda or sweet tea a week is not going to ruin all of your healthy eating plans. Just make sure to work around that and consider it a treat. I like investing in my food and my health, but I try to save money on other things. I don’t really need fancy, expensive toilet paper, paper towels or tissues. I can use that money to pay for the really good foods I like, like free-range, organic eggs and fresh berries. Cutting corners on your groceries is not the end of the world. Once again, pick your favorites, splurge on those, choose some healthy items and invest in what you really find important.

I hope those are some helpful tips for you. I definitely need to remind myself of these points when I plan my menu and my food choices. I hope to continue this article in the future with advice from a friend of mine who is a registered dietician. Until then, I’ll let you in on other ideas that I use to make my life simpler, less expensive and healthier. Simple is the essence of micro living!

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  • Good tips! When we started our healthy eating regime we just quit buying our kryptonite. When it came to snacking there was nothing but fresh veg and fruits. We also decided to go meatless for 3 weeks to begin with. 10 weeks on we're not completely meatless but we don't eat meat every single day like we used to. We use mushrooms like we used to use meat. You pick up little tricks like that once you commit yourself to a healthy eating goal. I love it!

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