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I’m trying to do a better job about posting the things that are actually in my house this year than I did last year. I thought I would start with one of the things I’m proud of lately… my hair kit!

I’ve started doing my own hair again and cutting my husband’s hair recently (well, I started last January, but it’s getting better now!). My mother in law is a stylist in Indiana, so when she visits, she’s been teaching me little tips and tricks to keep things neat and tidy. She also was nice enough to help me buy supplies at the Beauty Supply store… can’t complain about that! I’ve organized them in a little bin under the sink, and let me tell you, for the cost of a small plastic bin, I am saving a TON of time and space hunting around for everything.

I have a lot of professional items, but you can get your own just as easily from stuff found at drugstores or online. We spent about $100 putting together this kit (including the hair dye) and save at least $30 a month on men’s haircuts alone. Heaven knows how much I was spending on getting my hair dyed…

Here are my supplies:
– cape: essential to keeping hair and dye off your “subject”
– gloves: I like the washable, reusable ones because the ones in the haircolor box tear anyway
– clippers: I have professional ones that I love. I like the ones that have the guides with numbers because I don’t do a very good clipper cut. I would recommend against the rechargeable clippers from places like Target because they tend to get jammed and the charge runs out quickly. Wahl makes a good product and is easily available online.
– good scissors: I tried using kitchen shears and sewing scissors before… bad idea! Buy the best hair cutting scissors you can afford.
– hair dye: either separate bottles and potions from Sally Beauty Supply (if you have the inclination) or hair dye from the drugstore (I like that because I was BAD at chemistry in high school) I also keep the box from the previous hair color I’ve used so I remember the kind if I like it. In addition, I like to stock up if it’s on sale or I have a coupon.
– hair color brush: really helpful when putting on hair dye
– comb: for clipper cuts and bang trims
– a broom: ok, it doesn’t fit in the kit, but there’s nothing you need more when doing hair than a broom… except for maybe a wet towel for the haircolor mistakes on the walls… ; )

That’s about what I have in my kit. I measured the little bin to fit exactly under the sink, so it could slide in and out easily.

I would offer advice about cutting and dying hair, but I am NOT an expert! Here are some great links…

(Remember: always allergy patch test first!!!)
(and with cuts… don’t try out your new skills for the first time right before a big event!)

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