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I’m really into having “make your own…” bars at my house for special occasions. Like “make your own chili bar,” “make your own baked potato bar,” or “make your own nachos” bar. It keeps things really simple if you make a main dish earlier, chop everything that morning and set everything out for a quick heating or just to top. I like them because these days you never know what someone’s diet will be like or what they enjoy in their food or not. Aside from allergies and changes in diet, I like to accommodate as much to taste as possible as well.
Tomorrow I’m having a “make your own pizza bar” for the first time for guests! I’m pretty excited. I plan on chopping everything up, putting the ingredients in little bowls so they’re cute, putting out crusts and cheese and having at it. I’ll have the oven preheated already. My niece is vegan, so I got some fake pepperoni. For dietary or allergy reasons, sometimes people have to go the cheese-less pizza route. I used to as a child. That’s not a biggie! I like extra sauce and a drizzle of olive oil on top. This gives it that savory/fatty taste that cheese can give. I also got the Pillsbury pizza crusts. You would be amazed at the normal stuff out there that’s vegetarian friendly!
In lieu of recipes, here are some shopping lists for me!
pepperoni (fake and regular)
olive oil
roasted red peppers
green peppers
artichoke hearts…
Am I leaving anything out?
Next stop: Ramen Bar! In Japan, there are a million and one ramen toppings. It’s a fun project for kids because ramen is so cheap and easy to make.
Here are some traditional and not so traditional ramen toppings…
poached or fried egg
pork cutlet (thinly sliced)
tempura anything
hot sauce (Sri Racha is a good choice)
corn kernels
bean sprouts
finely diced nori seaweed (you can get it in a little shaker with sesame seeds)
lime and cilantro (for a more Southeast Asian flavor)
chopped scallions
Thai basil
Wow, now I’m really hungry!
Just thought I would pass along some fun ideas. Enjoy your “make your own… bar.” In the meantime, I’m going to be staring at that picture for inspiration!

3 thoughts on “pizza bar!”

  • FUN!! I love those type of meals. SO easy for parties. You know what's fun? Sushi bars! Most people feel like sushi is an unknown thing, but when you show them how it's made and give them a chance to put in exactly what they like they love it!

  • We had a sushi party for New Year's once and it was SO fun. It's really easy to chop everything up and set it out. And sushi rice is super easy to make. I also love how fresh and crispy the seaweed is when it's not rolled up and sitting for awhile. Good call!

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