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Dearest Laundry,
How I hate thee… let me count the ways…
Of anyone I know, I am probably the most anti-laundry person out there. I will stop at Target to get new underwear before doing laundry. I once heard that Karl Lagerfeld had one pair of underwear for each day of the year. Genius!
It’s not so much the putting in and washing. That’s all done by the machine and it’s kind of fun to watch it spin round and round, but it’s everything afterward. Dealing with all the mess ups that inevitably come up (stains unlifted, things torn, etc.), sorting, folding, putting away. How did my saint of a mother do all this??
In an ode to a friend who recently bought a new washer and dryer and in an ode to my own new set, I’m going to own up to being a laundry disaster and try to do something about it. Here is what’s been churning around in my head…
I love new front load washers! They have tons of room on top for folding! Seeing as my hubby made me a folding board, I might as well use it for something. Just the idea of a clear, uninhibited space on the top of the washer and dryer makes me want to fold. At least a little bit. We’ll see how long this feeling lasts.
My new laundry closet has a big built-in shelf. I’m asking my husband for another, lower shelf. I’m a short person and trying to jump up on the washer and dryer to get things sort of defeats the purpose, don’t you think?
I’ve started using OxyClean and I love it.
I hate sorting things and seriously, my bras don’t know the difference between a delicates bag and delicates cycle and the sink. They are pieces of fabric and not rocket scientists. When I sort after the drying cycle, I sort things into large categories first and then smaller and smaller categories later. Starting with: hubbie’s and my laundry. Things to hang. Things to fold. Socks and underwear. Household laundry.nnThen I hang everything up that needs hanging. I do the underwear and socks next because they’re so easy to gather and put away. Then I just look at my household laundry and scowl. Then I focus on folding the majority of the clothing. More scowling. Then I start putting things away.
After a little while in the retail clothing business, I became obsessed with folding boards. I was just about to steal one from Ann Taylor when my husband had an idea. You can find folding boards online that cost a lot of money. But you can also find a pack of cutting boards for much less. The kind of cutting boards that are thin plastic and are used for all different veggies and meats. I used the fish one! I folded one of my husband’s shirts to the appropriate measurements that fit in his drawer. My hubby measured the inside, marked it out on the middle of the board and cut it with a very sharp x-acto knife. He then filed down the edges so we could avoid snags.
If that sounds like too much work, here are some options:
I’m not the biggest fan of the Flip Fold only because I don’t trust that things won’t just get flipped around and messed up. The wooden folding board is a lot more like what we made with a plastic cutting board. One thing I like about the flat board is that when I move laundry from room to room after I’ve made stacks, I slip the cutting board under the laundry so it doesn’t all fall between my hands. I’m telling you, I’m a clumsy girl.
One other thing… Like I’ve mentioned before, an organized closet and clothing area make things much more fun to put away. Once things settle down from the move and get into at least some order, I think I’ll be a little more excited and motivated to keep the laundry up to date. Here’s hoping!

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  • lol, in general I don't mind doing laundry. I'm all about folding as soon as they come out of the dryer or they never get folded. With my new set I seriously have been joyfully doing laundry all day. I've been with out a dryer for almost a year so it has been lovely! I love the folding board idea. I need to try that out.

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