a bit too much… holiday decor


A bit much for holiday decorations, don’t you think??
As much fun as it is to decorate for the holidays, sometimes it can really clutter your home and use up a lot of storage space. If it were up to me, in my house we would go all out for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas… you name it! But since we have space constraints, it’s good to follow some rules:
1) Pick your favorite day – I’m a huge fan of Halloween and Valentine’s Day. I like flowers, cards and little hearts for Valentine’s Day, so it’s not a storage or fire hazard concern. But Halloween is another story… if you pick the big holiday you want to invest time and money into, then you’ll be sure to make it worth it.
2) Use what you have – sometimes you can find decorations right at home. What about a few branches and some black paint? You could make a pretty good “Halloween Tree” with that. Any sort of candy makes a great display without much effort. The old “Kleenex ghost” thing works well too. How about an orange with cloves that make a spooky Jack-O-Lantern face? Get creative!
3) Think color – if you keep it to just a few colors, you can get more bang for your buck. Whoever said that purple was a Halloween color? I was at Target the other day and they had a bunch of Halloween storage containers that were black, orange and purple! Keep it simple!
4) Pick a storage size – setting out a box size at the beginning of a decorating project is always a good idea. That way when something goes in and the box is full… voila! Something must come out.
5) Make a budget – if you really can’t resist, make a small budget for new decorations. This will keep any expenses involved in line with how important the holiday is.
Happy Haunting!

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  • Oooo love Halloween and Christmas! Those are my holidays. The rest of the year I just have the girls decorate pictures and we hang them up all over the place and then trash them at the end of the holiday, but not before we have taken pictures of them. 🙂

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