Micro Living: Micro Work!

Micro Living: Micro Work!

I love this picture! It shows that as the economy became more unstable before the Second World War, more women were required to pitch in and earn money outside of their homes. That is frequently the case these days with the economy as it is and many work-at-home wives and mothers are attempting to earn a bit of extra money to help out with household expenses. I’m grateful that I have a husband who earns enough money to allow me the security to stay at home, but also a husband that puts up with my (occasional) laziness!
With the cost of childcare these days and the stress and strife that comes along with working outside the home, sometimes it works out better in a family if the wife/mother stays home for a period of time. I understand, though, that these ladies (and I) would like to earn some “pin money” for the little luxuries that used to be available, but have disappeared due to budget cuts at home.
Direct sales opportunities are seeing a resurgence since the 1950s and 60s for the woman who wants to work part-time from home. In the past, these opportunities took the form of Tupperware parties… which still exist and are really fun! Now we can easily find Mary Kay parties, Pampered Chef parties and candle parties. There are new parties as well… B’s handbags (really cute!), Shades clothing, and Arbonne cosmetics. According to some sources, this is “recession proof” selling.
That’s a comforting thought in times like these. I would encourage anyone interested in these opportunities to look into the Direct Selling Association online to see what’s out there.
Unfortunately for the rest of us, sometimes we can’t get away to sell. Or we have no money to spend on little luxuries at parties or the start-up packs sometimes required. We’d like to make money, but there are also so many scams out there!
One idea I read about is called Mechanical Turk on Amazon, or “turking.” You do some simple (sometimes boring) tasks on your computer, submit them and receive money into an Amazon account to spend. I started yesterday and I already have made $2.50 for writing a small blurb about Italian food. Some of the other things I looked at were finding times and places for worship services at a specific church, audio transcription and changing the wording on technical manuals. Price per work varies, but sometimes it’s only $.08 a piece. But those dollars and cents add up!
I’m not getting paid to advertise this (wish I was!), but it’s a nice way to earn a little money with a little work.
There are also jobs working at home as a freelance writer or a freelance secretary. Make sure that you check with the Better Business Bureau, though, and check online for reviews. You don’t want to get stuck with a scam! Also, if anyone is asking you to wire your own money through Western Union or is asking for money for Nigeria, run away!
I like this website as well for work-at-home-moms:
I hope I could help a little with your current situation and I’m always open for suggestions and ideas. I’m sure you know of a bunch more than I do. Start your creativity flowing… think of what you do best… see if there’s a job out there… check in with the BBB… start earning! You’re never going to be able to put minimum work in and earn a huge profit, but the more you do here and there, the better off you’ll be.

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  • I love those nifty ideas that you put out there. I do something that helps me earn giftcards by reading emails. There are other things you can do to earn point faster, but I am unwilling to do them so I just read the emails and get small amount of points. It's called mypoints. It's pretty easy. I'm saving up my points for a big giftcard so I can take my honey our for our anniversary in Dec. 😀

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