DIY: Dollar Store Menu Board

DIY: Dollar Store Menu Board

Ok, I have to admit, I’m a little bit obsessed with Dollar Tree. I love watching Dollar Tree hauls on youtube, and a close friend and I are planning a trip to a GIANT Dollar Tree about 30 min from us. Nope, I’m not sponsored by Dollar Tree, I just love steals and deals, and all the fun projects I can create with the things I find.


I was recently inspired by a dry erase to do list DIY and thought I could use it for a menu board on my fridge. I like to menu plan for my week, and it’s such a handy way to remember my menu. I think you’ll like this little project and be able to use this dry erase board in a lot of other ways.


It’s so easy to choose takeout or go out for dinner if you have no idea what to do with all the delicious food in your fridge. I find that having a visual reminder of fun meals to make every day helps me avoid the temptation to spend extra money and extra calories on food that isn’t always so good for me. Especially if it’s a cute reminder!



DIY Dollar Store Menu Board


1 picture frame with a glass panel (not plastic)

1 roll or sheet of wrapping paper

Magnet stickers

Command adhesive strips (optional)

Dry erase markers





Remove the back panel from the picture frame. Use the glass as a stencil and trace the shape of the glass onto the back side of the wrapping paper with pencil. Cut out the sheet of wrapping paper and tape it to the cardboard liner of the picture frame. Reassemble the picture frame.



On the back of the frame adhere magnet stickers to the frame edge. If the magnets won’t stick well or support the weight of the frame, attach the magnets to trimmed Command adhesive strips to give it extra grip.



If your dry erase markers don’t come with a magnet holder, you can attach magnet tape to those as well. Now you’re ready to use your menu board!


One thing I love about this project is that you can customize it based on your home decor and even change it up seasonally. This heavy craft paper wrapping paper from Dollar Tree is the prettiest I’ve found and goes with my home decor. You can choose whichever paper and frame you like best depending on your style.


I already owned the tape, scissors, pencil, and Command adhesive strips. I ended up getting magnet tape from Amazon because my local Dollar Tree didn’t have it in stock. Grand total: $10 including magnet tape. The menu board I almost bought would have gone for $30, so I’d say this was a big savings!




I love easy, inexpensive DIYs for around the house. It helps keep me inspired with all my day to day tasks. With a menu board, I have little things to look forward to each week and real motivation to choose homemade over takeout! I’d say that’s $10 well spent!


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